Daniel Matkovits

The LAMDA programme is hugely impressive and I would not swap it for anything

Katerina Moutgianni

Ioanna achieved a Distinction in her exam and I would like to thank you for working with her before the exam which helped her do so well.

Antonio de Rio

Although I am applying for the Natural Sciences course at Cambridge University, theatre has definitely become part of my life due to your assistance and my participation in Dramaworks. If I make it to Cambridge I am definitely planning to join and be active in the theatre society.

Miebi de R

I would like to thank you at Dramaworks for the kindness and support Julian and I have felt. We have been so lucky for this opportunity and I send you my love and gratitude.

Liz Duncan

Ben has really enjoyed his year- we will see you in September.

Olga Del Rio

I am very proud of Antonio and very thankful to you for all your hard work.

Lesa Johnson

Hi Julia, thank you for letting us know, we are really happy with her results. Finally, thanks to you and all the team who have supported Lauren with her drama. She has had a great time and met many friends.

Clare Allum

Tonight’s open drama session was a joy to watch! So much strength and talent. You and Sophie are super at bringing the best out of the students!

Karen Yorkovas

I just wanted to let you know, that Albert York (5S), has really enjoyed doing Drama over the last few terms. It has greatly improved his confidence, ability to express himself and his overall performance in English.

Rhona Richards

Just f.y.i. Owen got the contract and will be filming in Dublin, Luxembourg (and London I think) within the next couple of weeks and his scene is opposite Elle Fanning playing her step-brother. I thank Dramaworks for helping him gain this amazing opportunity.