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We want our young people to emerge as confident and assured performers. We believe that our unique system of workshops which teach the fundamentals of drama and high level communication skills will provide a solid basis for their growth into high functioning communicators in the business world and help them become happy individuals.

We are delighted with the success of the students in the last round of LAMDA exams in 2016 where the majority gained merits and distinctions.

Many of you may be asking what is a LAMDA exam and what does it test?
The exams are run by the external examiners from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art who fly over from London once or twice a year. Many of the examiners are ex performers or teachers. The certificates act as an international benchmark of success in communication and performance and are recognised all over the world from Singapore to London.

There is a great emphasis on correct diction and pronunciation of English so they are very helpful for English as a second language learners too.
Most students take exams in Acting which they thoroughly enjoy as it allows them to step into the shoes of another person and showcase their talent! One of the most rewarding aspects is to see young people grapple with a piece of text and then create a whole character and situation around it. So many of our students come out of their exam with big smiles asking when they can do the next one ! The experience becomes quite addictive!

We are so blessed with our teachers and they receive help and support through the initial training. They all love what they do and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious. We are certain your child will love their classes – many say it is the highlight of their week!

Thank you for your interest and support of our work and we look forward to seeing your child blossom.

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