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What do we offer?

Academic and performance qualifications

Drama workshop courses which run after school that lead to certificates from the esteemed London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. These qualifications are international and have academic weight. Due to the new LAMDA syllabus, the UCAS points have changed (see below) however, students can now earn additional points by undertaking communication exams and the new Shakespeare level 3.

Table of UCAS Points for Graded LAMDA Examinations in Verse and Prose and Acting

Attainment Level LAMDA Grade 6 LAMDA Grade 7 LAMDA Grade 8 LAMDA PCertLAM
 Distinction  12 16 30 24
 Merit  10  14 27  16
 Pass  8  12 24  6

Enjoyable learning with holistic development

The workshops are also great fun and give children confidence in performance, public speaking and team work. Children from as young as 4 years can take them and can progress to high levels up to 18 years. The classes are based on our highly developed unique methods which help teach diction, vocal projection, use of imagination, teamwork, quick reactions and empathy.

Outstanding results!

We achieve a 100 per cent pass rate with over 98 per cent gaining distinctions and merits in Luxembourg. Click here for our most recent exams..
For further information on the benefits of LAMDA courses please see the attached video.

Local exam centres

Our exams are taken in the local area as we set up exam centres in the schools. This is a huge advantage as it means students can be examined by an examiner who flies in from London rather than students having to travel.

We work closely with schools to establish symbiotic relationships; appointing and training teachers from within the school where possible. This has the added advantage of students working within the school ethos and the teachers knowing the students. Teachers are trained in our methods and have ongoing support and resources. Examinations are fully regulated and organised to ensure high standards are maintained.