We are so pleased you are here and hope to meet you or your child in person very soon!

My name is Julia Martin and I run the courses and oversee all teacher training. I have created proven unique methods which use fun workshop techniques to engage students and teach them to play well observed and convincing roles at all levels. 

I organise and help with student support resources to help students offline as well. One of my favourite roles is running practice exam sessions before the real online exam with LAMDA examiners. The students are amazing!

I have over 30 years experience working with young people and children. I ran two successful drama departments and produced and directed many theatre shows before embarking on my Dramaworks journey. I have had 20 years working with LAMDA exams and I adore them! 

Academic excellence

The LAMDA exams are seen as a bench mark of performance skills as well as academic progress in comprehension of English literature. They start at entry level and progress up to grade 8 which is equivalent to an A level in the UK, a level three qualifications. They can be of enormous benefit to those seeking university places at higher levels from grade 6 upwards.

Belonging, commitment and pride

The sense of pride at performing a piece after learning it and practising it is palpable - the students usually come out of exams beaming from ear to ear! They have to be committed to their partners or group members and get a real sense of belonging to a higher purpose.

Balanced and integrative development

The courses are holistic and they develop confidence, diction, empathy and understanding. The progression is measurable and students can attend for many years to attain the high levels. We have been running LAMDA courses for over 10 years in the U.K. and have all the experience to give you the best chance of achieving the highest levels.

Sense of community

The course is run through workshops which are fun and involve team work as well as individual and pair work. Performances at the end of term to fellow students and parents enhance the sense of community.

UN Human rights

Many of the pieces chosen by the exam board incorporate issues such as overcoming prejudice, injustice and hardship and prompt discussion as a group on the essential rights of humanity.

Diversity of cultures

Although the acting pieces are all in English, the sources can represent a range of cultures. The culture of the students is celebrated and shared with the group.

For further information on the benefits of LAMDA courses please see the attached video.