Classes currently run via Zoom and LAMDA exams are online too!

We run workshop courses in International schools through after school clubs and classes on Saturday too. The courses are great fun and help children communicate and gain confidence.

Be a star in your own home and bag yourself a valuable international qualification!

Online classes via Zoom

We offer a programme of online classes with our experienced teachers for examination by LAMDA by Remote Online assessments which replace the physical exams. These classes have proved fun and effective with many students enjoying the connection with others in a more direct way. It provides training for all levels and the teacher is able to offer one to one guidance as well as skill based fun sessions. We undertook our first Online exams in October 2020 and they all went swimmingly (quote from LAMDA). Students were more relaxed in their own homes and they all enjoyed the experience! So you can work towards a valuable qualification for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art whilst perfecting your presentation skills and acting prowess. No more worrying about attending classes in different schools or different areas. This programme is open to every student regardless of location! Come and book a trial class by putting your details into our registration page and we will be in touch. We can’t wait to meet you!

Academic excellence

The LAMDA exams are seen as a bench mark of performance skills as well as academic progress in comprehension of English literature. They start at entry level and progress up to grade 8 which is equivalent to an A level in the UK, a level three qualifications. They can be of enormous benefit to those seeking university places at higher levels from grade 6 upwards. Furthermore they help students with interview and presentation skills. We have a superb track record in gaining high achievement levels with the majority attaining merits and distinctions.

Just f.y.i. Owen got the contract and will be filming in Dublin, Luxembourg (and London I think) within the next couple of weeks and his scene is opposite Elle Fanning playing her step-brother. I thank Dramaworks for helping him gain this amazing opportunity.

Rhona Richards

I just wanted to let you know, that Albert York (5S), has really enjoyed doing Drama over the last few terms. It has greatly improved his confidence, ability to express himself and his overall performance in English.

Karen Yorkovas

Tonight’s open drama session was a joy to watch! So much strength and talent. You and Sophie are super at bringing the best out of the students!

Clare Allum

Hi Julia, thank you for letting us know, we are really happy with her results. Finally, thanks to you and all the team who have supported Lauren with her drama. She has had a great time and met many friends.

Lesa Johnson

I am very proud of Antonio and very thankful to you for all your hard work.

Olga Del Rio

Ben has really enjoyed his year- we will see you in September.

Liz Duncan

I would like to thank you at Dramaworks for the kindness and support Julian and I have felt. We have been so lucky for this opportunity and I send you my love and gratitude.

Miebi de R

Although I am applying for the Natural Sciences course at Cambridge University, theatre has definitely become part of my life due to your assistance and my participation in Dramaworks. If I make it to Cambridge I am definitely planning to join and be active in the theatre society.

Antonio de Rio

Ioanna achieved a Distinction in her exam and I would like to thank you for working with her before the exam which helped her do so well.

Katerina Moutgianni

The LAMDA programme is hugely impressive and I would not swap it for anything

Daniel Matkovits

Balanced and integrative development

The courses are holistic and they develop confidence, diction, empathy and understanding. The progression is measurable and students can attend for many years to attain the high levels. We have been running LAMDA courses for over 10 years in the U.K. and have all the experience to give you the best chance of achieving the highest levels.

Sense of community

The course is run through workshops which are fun and involve team work as well as individual and pair work. Performances at the end of term to fellow students and parents enhance the sense of community.

Belonging, commitment and pride

The sense of pride at performing a piece after learning it and practising it is palpable - the students usually come out of exams beaming from ear to ear! They have to be committed to their partners or group members and get a real sense of belonging to a higher purpose.

UN Human rights

Many of the pieces chosen by the exam board incorporate issues such as overcoming prejudice, injustice and hardship and prompt discussion as a group on the essential rights of humanity.

Diversity of cultures

Although the acting pieces are all in English, the sources can represent a range of cultures. The culture of the students is celebrated and shared with the group.